Mission Brief

9th September, 1997

Good evening, Mr. Maxwell.

We're faced with what looks like another attempt by the English to annex Scotland. This comes at a crucial time for us, as the government is in talks with the Darien to make a deal with them post-independence.

A journalist in London was found dead last night, and his hotel room ransacked. The murderers were looking for something.

We have reason to believe the murder was orchestrated by Alexander Wright, a prime minister candidate in England. We believe the journalist stole a floppy disk from him, containing details of the planned invasion.

Your mission is to break into Wright's house and retrieve that disk. We are sure this is trivial for you, but retrieving that disk undamaged is top priority.

You will board a plane to Cambridge tomorrow. Good luck, Maxwell!

...and don't go knocking everyone out again...

Big Man