Darien Caledonia

Darien Caladonia is a kintra fund at the equator between North an Sooth Americae.

The Darien Scheme

In the 1690s, Scotland colonised Panama. Oreegonally, it didna ging weel, an Ingland telt thair coloniesm no tae help thaim. Scotland wis near bankrupt bi the 1670s, an the Inglis tried tae entice thaim tae jyne thaim in a poleetical uinion.

Scotland, hounaiver, didna accept, an went on. Eventual-like, hit peyed aff, an Scotland benefittit massively fae the colony.

Durin the 17t yearhunner, thay helpt Fraunce chase Ingland oot fae whit is nou kent as the Franco States ae Americae & Connecticut.

Independence Referendum

In August 1997, The Darien govrenment held a referendum fur tae git independence fae Scotland. An "ay" vote passit throu, an the Scots govrenment are in tawks wi thaim tae arrange a deal fur whan they git independence.