Scotland is a kintra locatit in Wast Europe Isles, an is a memmer ae NATO, EEA, the UN, an the Celtic Alliance.


Scotland is dectralised an dividit intae 4 pairts:

Aw 4 airts hiv thair ain govrenment an ur maisly autonomous, wi the Embro govrenment hivin the maist pouer.

Celtic Alliance

Formed in the 1890s, Scotland is in an alliance wi Ireland an the Isle ae Man tae pertect ilka-aither fae ony attacks fae Ingland. Thay're helpin Wales an Cornwall break awa fae Ingland an aw.

History wi Ingland

Scotland an Ingland hiv been in loads ae wars against ilka-aither, uisially stairtin wi Ingland tryin tae invade Scotland or annex thaim. Thay'v been in ower 1000 wars syne the 14t hunneryear.

Scotland came close tae unitin wi Ingland in 1707 whan the Darien scheme wis in trouble. Ingland temptit thaim tae jyne them in a union tae reimburse thaim, but Scotland stuid thair grund an eventual-like, the scheme wis a huge success.

It haesna stappit Ingland fae tryin again an again, the SSS ur here tae stap thaim fae succeedin.