Aboot us

Stormplay is a gemms studio in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, thit's bin aboot fae 2006.

Whit we dae?

We pit thegither gemms fur PC, Mac, Linux an ither gemms platforms, auld or new. We specialise in gemms in Scots an Gaelic, an generally gemms thit promote Scotland's sindry cultur an whit maks us different. We dae owersettins o ither gemms an aw.

How Scots an Gaelic?

Scots an Gaelic ur leids thit ur linkit tae the cultur o Scotland, an hiv bin neglectit fur yearhunners. Baith ur needin mair tent an tae be treatit like ony ither leid in the warld. We howp tae dae tae Scots an Gaelic whit Sega an Nintendo did tae Japanese, gie fowk a reason tae lairn an uise thaim throu video gemms.


We wurnae aweys a gemms studio. Here, ye'll lairn aboot wir history, an hou we got tae whaur we ur the day.


Stairt - 2006-2007

Stormplay stairtit as the "Megabytes" gemmin forum on 'e 26t November 2006 (at aroond 8:15pm) bi Cobra!. It didnae dae awfy weel, juist as a smaw forum atween freends an faimlie. it went on fur aboot a year. It didnae hiv onything tae staun oot on it's ain, it wis juist a generic gemms forum. Later on, a pit in a wee arcade section, conteenin flash gemms a fund aboot the wab.

In 2007, it wis renamed tae Gamerstorm. The name "Stormplay" wis addoptit in 2020.

The RCW Saga - 2007-2010; 2017; 2022

RCW (Region-Free Console Wrestling) wis a Youtube video an Brouser gemm series aboot consoles warslin. Maist o the videos war short an tae the pynt, bit thare war pynts whaur a experimentit wi it an teuk it in new directions.

On a blether wi a cousin, we war role playin Smilies warslin, an 'at, eventual-like, muived on tae consoles, an came up wi the idea o consoles warslin, an decided tae uise GIMP an Windows Movie Maker tae pit thegither somehing fur Youtube.

RCW debued as CWWE (Console World Wrestline Entertainment) on 21st Apryle 2007, an went on fur ower 15 episode, an 3 live-action special, an ither spin-affs, wi the last episode bein on 21st Apryle 2017.

It renamed tae ICW (International Console Wrestling) on August 2007, an tae RCW on 2010.

A demo fur an RCW RPG/Fichtin gemm wis made on Scratch, but the gemms war nivver feenisht.

RCW haed a new episode in 2017 tae celebrate the 10t anniversary, alang wi a limitit run o DVDs an VCDs wi ivery episode in thaim. A 15t anniversary celebration is planned fur 2022.

Rivalry wi ECG

Fur a wee while, RCW wis in a rivalry wi a series cawed ECG (Extreme Console Gangstars), an a video wis made aboot it. Richts taw ECG wis later on haundit tae us.

As a gemms developer

Sploder - 2007

We stairtit tae dip wir taes intae makkin gemms uisin the Sploder Ingine. We stairtit a "Megabytes War" series o gemms. Thay warnae recieved weel, an it wisnae lang afore a muived ontae ither ingines.

Scratch - 2008-2012

A muived ontae Scratch in 2008, stairtin aff wi Rossies, a gallery shooter thit got some notoriety, an ither gemms sic as R.C. Rampage an Armystorm. Scratch wis limitit, tho, wi nae 3D an limitit 2D, bit wis a guid stairtitn pynt.

Aboot this pynt, Megabytes wis renamed tae "Gamerstorm" efter a lot o brainstormin wi ither fowk a wis wirkin wi at the time

XNA - 2012-2013

A briefly muived tae XNA an tried tae mak a Rossies sequel an a sidescroller cawed "Keno the Cat", but baith war cancelt.

Unity - 2013-2016

This wis an age whaur no much wis duin. A 3D sequel fur Rossies 3D wis in development fur 3 year, bit naething came fae it. We pit oot wan gemm fae this era, cawed "Tengist", but it juist haed 1 level, an wis made fur fowk tae text an gie feedback for ROssies 3D.

Godot - 2016-Nou

We muived tae Godot in 2016, an hiv fae than pit oot a guid few gemms efter gittin ma stuff thegither. A first pit oot Hypnofire 3D in late 2016, Tengist GD, a sequel tae Tengist, in 2017, an T3ngist in 2018. Operation: Pinkeye haes bin in development far late 2018, an haes recent-like pit oot a new demo, an is due oot in late 2021.